Rot Damage Log Repair For Your Log Cabin Home

When owning a log cabin home, regular maintenance every few months is very important for keeping the logs strong and sturdy.

Log cabin homes are some of the most beautiful and rustic homes so when your log cabin begins to get rot damage it can be very distressing. Rot damage can occur when there is a moisture problem, usually the log is not able to ventilate properly and holds onto any moisture.

The following article will discuss repairing rot damage and should only be performed by an experienced log cabin owner. If you do not have experience repair log structures, you are better off hiring a professional to prevent further damage to your log cabin.

There are two steps when are repairing log cabin rot damage; finding the root of the moisture problem and replacing the rotten logs.

Finding the Moisture Problem

It is important to find the root of the moisture problem since there may be more rotten logs than previously expected.

The prime cause of log cabin rot is gutter issues like being blocked, leaking or not being installed. Gutters prevent your logs being exposed to any moisture for too long, so any issues are very problematic.

The next two likely problems are shrubs and lack of sunlight. Tree shrubs can pass water onto your logs if they are in contact with your cabin. Simply trim any tree shrubs touching the log cabin and maintain any future plant growth. Sunlight helps dry out the logs so make sure that there are no large trees casting shadows on your cabin. By solving these three factors, you can prevent any more rot damage to the logs.

However, if rot damage persists it is best to have a professional look at your log cabin. The sooner, the better since the moisture in one long can damage another log. After solving any moisture problems, you can get to work replacing all the rot-damaged logs.

Replacing Rotten Logs

When you are replacing the rotten logs, make sure to buy logs that match the rest of your cabin.

The repaired section will look off setting if the new logs do not match the rest of you cabin. You will then want to cut away all the rotten parts of your log cabin and replace them with the new logs.

It is important to make sure the new logs are pressed tightly to the old ones since any space between them can hold moisture. In order to prevent any more damage to your home, you will want to coat your new logs with a finish that is resistant to insects and mold. The finish will allow any water to escape and prevent any from entering the log. You can buy this finish at any home improvement store in your area.

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